Round Neck Sweatshirt

Designing: The first step in manufacturing a round neck sweatshirt is designing the product. This involves creating a blueprint or mockup of the product, which includes the size, shape, color, and other design details.

Cutting: Once the design is finalized, the fabric is cut into the desired shape and size for the sweatshirt. This can be done using a cutting machine or manually with scissors.

Stitching: The cut fabric pieces are then stitched together to form the sweatshirt. This can be done using a sewing machine or manually with a needle and thread.

Adding trims: After the sweatshirt is stitched together, trims such as ribbed cuffs and hem are added to give it a finished look and help it maintain its shape.

Embellishments: Embellishments such as logos or designs may be added to the sweatshirt using embroidery, screen printing, or heat transfer methods.

Quality control: The finished sweatshirt is inspected for quality and defects, and any necessary corrections are made.

Packaging: The sweatshirt is then packaged and shipped to retailers or customers.